Timpupo Festival

Timpupo Festival, also called Timpupo Fruit Festival, is the annual fruit festival in and the founding anniversary celebration of Kidapawan City, Cotabato, Philippines every August 18. The city is regarded as the fruit basket of Central Mindanao and the City of Fruits. Additionally, the event remembers the establishment of then town of Kidapawan in 1947 […]

La Union

Ragragsakan and Panagbunga Festival

Panagbunga Festival is a cultural festival held in Santol, La Union, Philippines every March 25. A four-day event that begins in March 22, its official name is Ragragsakan and Panagbunga Festival. The word ragragsakan means merriment, and it also refers to a native dance where women balance a woven basket on their head and wear […]


Fruit Festival

Fruit Festival is the yearly festival in the town of Sablan, Benguet, Philippines from September 2 to 4. It is a three-day affair that celebrates Sablan as the fruit capital of the province of Benguet. History of Fruit Festival The first ever Fruit Festival in the town of Sablan was held in 2015 within the […]


Mangosteen Festival

Mangosteen Festival is a cultural and fruit festival that celebrate mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) in the province of Sulu, Philippines held every September. According to a social media post from the Sulu provincial government, the Mangosteem Festival was launched in 2015 within the tenure of governor Abdusakur “Toto” A. Tan II. Sources such as news articles […]


Lanzones Festival

Lanzones Festival is a cultural and fruit festival held in the province of Camiguin, Philippines in the third week of October. It celebrates lazones, a fruit that the province is famous for. A week-long festivity, it is scheduled in time for the harvest season of the fruit. Camiguin also celebrates the Panaad every Holy Week […]