La Union

Ragragsakan and Panagbunga Festival

Panagbunga Festival is a cultural festival held in Santol, La Union, Philippines every March 25. A four-day event that begins in March 22, its official name is Ragragsakan and Panagbunga Festival.

The word ragragsakan means merriment, and it also refers to a native dance where women balance a woven basket on their head and wear an indigenous fabric called the blanket of life. The dance was performed during a celebrations such as forging of alliances between previously feuding tribal groups.

Meanwhile, Santol became a town in 1908 and it was part of Amburayan, itself part of then historical province of Mountain Province. It ceded from Mountain Province in 1922 and was annexed to La Union. In the post-war period, it was declared a town again on April 30, 1949 through Executive Order No. 214 issued by then President Elpidio Quirino.

The town is also known for its harvest of fruits such as cotton fruit or santol, lanzones, mango, rambutan, and watermelon.

Its other celebrations are the Binagkal Festival every February and the patronal feast every December 19.

How to reach Santol, La Union? One can book a bus from Manila in a trip that would take over five to six hours.


Ragragsakan and Panagbunga Festival Summary

NameRagragsakan and Panagbunga Festival
Contact(072) 603 0154
DateMarch 25
Duration4 days
LocationSantol, La Union
Official NameRaragsakan and Panagbunga Festival
OrganizerMunicipal Government of Santol