Festivalscape.com is a website dedicated to festivals and holidays. It is made from the portmanteau of the words “festival” and “escape” (which suggests leisure, a break) or “landscape” or “townscape” or “cityscape”—for these celebrations are deeply rooted in time, place, and people.

Festivals and holidays can be fun and joyous. They can also be solemn and dignified. But they are more than just the activities and events that stretch for days or weeks for without a doubt, they celebrate our way of life.

So this website unpacks what these celebrations are, how they began, why they are held. Our goal is to aid our cultural knowledge through articles written with less fluff, less puff, and less frills. The hope is that getting to know them a little bit more will make your experience fuller and richer.

Also included are the holidays that go with the celebrations. These are days when schools are closed and people need not report to work, or they are entitled to additional pay when they do. Some holidays are fixed in the calendar while others are moveable, and they are observed by an entire nation or may be exclusive to an area or city. In a number of instances, there are laws, local ordinances, and official announcements that declare days to be holidays.

Lastly, we would like to ask your help in keeping the website relevant. We appreciate feedback on accuracy, completeness, etc, on festivals that are found in the website. If you see any errors, inconsistencies, inaccuracies, and the likes please reach out through the email at admin@festivalscape.com.