Araw ng Binganonan

Araw ng Binganonan (Binangonan Day), also known as Binangonan Founding Anniversary, is celebrated in Binangonan, Rizal, Philippines every March 29. It is an annual event, which is also known as Aba! Festival, that recalls the birth of Binangonan as an independent town in 1900.

The date may be declared a special nonworking holiday through presidential proclamation such as Proclamation No. 1320 in 2022.

History of Binangonan, Rizal

Binangonan is a town that stretches from Sierra Madre to Laguna de Bay. In 1574, the Augustinians arrived in Binangonan and later, Franciscan missionaries preached to the natives during the colonial period, establishing a church as a visita of Morong. Through reducciones, the settlement was formed around the church and the population grew.

Records vary on the year it separated from the parish of Morong and was made into an independent parish. One account suggests it took place in 1621 and another mentioned it happened in 1737.

In 1835, Binangonan seceded from the province of Laguna and was annexed to Distrito de los Mateo, which was renamed afterwards to Distrito Politico Militar de Morong.

The Jesuits took over Binangonan in 1679 and they were replaced by the Calced Augustinian friars in 1697. In 1731, its parochial administration was returned to the Franciscans. In 1766, Angono seceded from the Binangonan and became a parish.

At the height of the Philippine Revolution, people in Binangonan rose to oust the Spanish authorities. They joined the revolutionary group called Katipunan. Two revolutionaries were known in history, Captain Pedro Capistrano (who fought against the pirates who pillaged the town in 1897) and Candido Garrovillas.

The independence from foreign rule was shortlived. Americans arrived and attacked the town to subjugate the people and placed the town under their control. After the Filipino-American war, the town was under General Order No. 40 of March 29, 1900. This is the date that the yearly Araw ng Binangonan celebrates.

Binangonan was for a brief period of time absorbed into the town of Morong along with the Baras and Cardona. This was in pursuant to Act No. 942 on October 12, 1903. It regained its municipal status through Act No. 984 on November 6, 1903, and it annexed Angono. Angono became an independent town by virtue of Executive Order 158 signed by President Manuel L. Quezon on August 19, 1938.

In 2023, the Binangonan Tourism launched the Aba! Festival in time with the founding anniversary celebrations.

Araw ng Binganonan Activities

Araw ng Binganonan highlights the town’s culture and tradition through various activities such as art competitions, cookfest, and variety show.

How to reach Binganonan, Rizal

Regular jeepney trips are available from Metro Manila to Binganonan, Rizal.


Araw ng Binganonan Summary

NameAraw ng Binganonan
CelebrationFounding anniversary
DateMarch 29
LocationBinangonan, Rizal
OrganizerMunicipal Government of Binangonan
Other NamesAba! Festival