Madja-as Festival

Madja-as Festival is a week-long cultural festival and foundation anniversary in the municipality of Culasi, Antique, Philippines every March. It is celebrated as an outlet of thanksgiving and a commemoration of its founding in March 1735.

History of Culasi

Madja-as Festival remembers the humble beginnings of the town. Before the coming of the Spaniards, people dwelt in an area that is approximately the present-day Lipata Port. The settlement was bounded by the sea and the river, which offered source of food and resources.

Its early settlers moved to the interiors when their homes were attacked by Moro raids. They fled to the safety of the interiors in in the rugged terrain of Nalipao. Not long afterwards, some of the folks migrated to the coast and riverbanks.

It was during the Spanish conquest that the settlement was called Culasi, after a species of mangrove Lumnitzera racemosa that grew in abundance in the wild.

The colonial period also saw the organization of the population under the Spanish authorities. A church was established, but Christianization and colonization met resistance by the people. The Spanish forces were dispatched to quell any opposition.

The town of Culasi was established in 1735. It was a politico-military unit presided by the alcadia of Antique. And this is the year that the town commemorates annually during Madja-as Festival.

Madja-as Festival Activities

Madja-as Festival is an occasion that proudly showcases the history, creativity, and achievements of the people in Culasi.

Its calendar spans for a week, generally starting in the last week of February until the first week of March.

Its events include the reenactment of its history from pre-Hispanic times to the end of the colonial era, sports, competitions, tournaments (Bangkarera for boat race and palangoy) talent competitions (Pakpak sa Kabantugan), beauty pageant (Diwata kang Culasi), parade, street dancing, etc.

How to reach Culasi, Antique

Regular bus trips are available from various points of Panay such as originating in Kalibo, Iloilo City (Iloilo), and Caticlan.


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Madja-as Festival Summary

NameMadja-as Festival
CelebrationFounding anniversary
DateMarch 2
Duration1 week
LocationCulasi, Antique
OrganizerMunicipal Government of Culasi