Mambusao Founding Anniversary

Mambusao Founding Anniversary is celebrated in the town of Mambusao, Capiz, Philippines every March 29. It commemorates the founding of the town in the 17th century. The date may be declared a special nonworking holiday through presidential proclamations.

History of Mambusao

The name Mambusao may have come from the act of removing busao, the poisonous portion of the native wild root called cayos. In the colonial period, it was called Mambusao.

It is thought that it was a flourishing settlement in pre-Hispanic times, ruled by a succession of Malayan datu. Its old name is Tipic and it was inhabited as early as the 13th century.

Augustinian friars reached Mambusao in 1590. They erected a church upon their arrival and it was made into a visita of the nearby Batan. In 1606, Pedro Bravo de Acuña sent a request to the provincial of the Augustinian order to assign a minister to the town. The request was made upon the recommendation of Bishop Agurto. This is the basis of the Mambusao Founding Anniversary that is celebrated annually.

The request for a priest to be assigned in Mambusao was granted the following year, with Fr. Francisco Porras as the minister sent to the town by the friars. The church was placed under the advocation of St. Catherine of Alexandria and as a mother parish, it had jurisdiction over the churches in Jagnaya, Jamindan, and Sigma.

In 1782, the pueblo was organized with Felipe Monahan as the first gobernadorcillo.

Mambusao Founding Anniversary Activities

In 2020, the celebration was slated for three days and events included motorcade, cultural shows, food festival, parade, dance festival, and drum and lyre exhibition.

How to reach Mambusao, Capiz

Take a ride from Roxas Airport to Mambusao Capiz, which is about 35 kilometers away or an hour travel.


Mambusao Founding Anniversary Summary

NameMambusao Founding Anniversary
CelebrationFounding anniversary
DateMarch 29
LocationMambusao, Capiz
OrganizerMunicipal Government of Mambusao