Tinapa Festival

Tinapa Festival is a founding anniversary and cultural festival held in Pio Duran, Albay, Philippines every March 13. It celebrates the historic conversion to a municipality in 1964, as well as its rich culture and tradition.


The name of Tinapa Festival comes from tinapa, meaning smoked fish.

History of Tinapa Festival

In the past, the town of Pio Duran celebrated Sinuyog Festival. Sinuyog Festival comes from the word sinuyog, a combination of sira (fish) and niyog (coconut).

The annual fiesta was replaced with Tinapa Festival and it was launched for the first time in 2023.

History of Pio Duran

Tinapa Festival is also a founding anniversary celebration.

The town was called Pangairan after the body of water that forms its natural boundary. The word also means Land of the Setting Sun.” Afterwards, it was known by another name, Marokbarok, after a tree that grows in the marshes, and which later became spelled Malacbalac.

The territory of the town extended on lands that previously belonged to Guinobatan, Jovellar, and Ligao. A plan was made to carve out a town from these lands, an idea that was advocated by Hilario Peñaflor and Prescillano N. Osial.

However, it did not prosper as priority was given to the construction of the 39-kilometer national road now presently called Ligao-Pioduran Road. Upon its unveiling to the public, it became a gateway to many of the areas in Bicol region such as Ligao, Oas, and Libon (Albay), Donsol and Pilar (Sorsogon), and Claveria (Masbate).

In post-war years, Prescillano N. Osial sent a petition to Representative Marcial O. Rañola to make Malacbalac an independent town. A House bill was made for such purpose in 1939.

Finally, Malacbalac became a municipality by the passage of Republic Act No. 3817 that was approved by President Diosdado Macagapal on June 22, 1963. Its seat of government is located in barrio Malacbalac.

The town was renamed from Malacbalac to Pio Duran after Congressman Pio Duran. Cong. Pio Duran and was inaugurated as such on March 13, 1964. This is the date that forms the basis of the annual Tinapa Festival.

Duran was elected under the Nacioalista Party and won as representative of the second district of Albay in 1949. He was reelected in 1953. He died on February 28, 1961.

Tinapa Festival Activities

Activities for Tinapa Festival includes the Color Fun, folk dance competition, drum and lyre corps, beauty pageant (Mutya ng Pio), parade, wreath-laying ceremony in memory of Pio S. Duran, recognition program called Gabi ng Parangal, cook fest, concert, talent contest, etc.


Tinapa Festival Summary

NameTinapa Festival
CelebrationFounding anniversary
DateMarch 13
LocationPio Duran, Albay
OrganizerMunicipality of Pio Duran