Mangosteen Festival

Mangosteen Festival is a cultural and fruit festival that celebrate mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) in the province of Sulu, Philippines held every September. According to a social media post from the Sulu provincial government, the Mangosteem Festival was launched in 2015 within the tenure of governor Abdusakur “Toto” A. Tan II. Sources such as news articles […]


Lanzones Festival

Lanzones Festival is a cultural and fruit festival held in the province of Camiguin, Philippines in the third week of October. It celebrates lazones, a fruit that the province is famous for. A week-long festivity, it is scheduled in time for the harvest season of the fruit. Camiguin also celebrates the Panaad every Holy Week […]


Manggahan Festival

Manggahan Festival is a yearly cultural, agricultural, and food festival held in the province of Guimaras, Philippines every May. Also called Guimaras Mango Festival, it is a celebration of the mango fruit and agriculture that are the key drivers of its local economy aside from tourism. Due to the signature sweetness and export-quality of its […]