Panagyaman Festival in Pura

Panagyaman Festival is a rice festival in the municipality of Pura, Tarlac, Philippines every second Sunday of March. This annual event is an expression of gratitude of the town, particularly as a town-wide cultural outlet to say thanks to the townsfolk who worked tirelessly towards the progress and development of the town.

It is distinct from Panagyaman Rice Festival, which is a national observance that is held in April.


Panagyaman Festival originates from the word panagyaman, an Ilocano word that means thanksgiving.

History of Panagyaman Festival in Pura, Tarlac

Panagyaman Festival was launched in 2011. In that year, the municipal legislative council passed Ordinance No. 001 that declared every second Sunday of March as the date of the Panagyaman Festival.

This annual event is a grand celebration of thanksgiving for all the blessings received and a public acknowledgement of the contribution of every townsfolk towards the development of the town.

Panagyaman Festival Activities

In 2018, its calendar was between March 15 and 18 and in 2024, its schedule was from March 13 to 17. Binagkal cookfest was also introduced in 2024. Binagkal is a delicious rice cake that is made of glutinous rice (diket), water (danum), coconut milk (getta), and muscovado (kuya-kuya).

Among other activities it holds are the beauty pageant (Binibining Panagyaman), cultural night, fun run, zumba, agri-trade fair, cookfest, parade, and street dance competitions.


Panagyaman Festival in Pura Summary

NamePanagyaman Festival in Pura
Contact(045) 606-0243
DateSecond Sunday of March
LocationPura, Tarlac
OrganizerMunicipality of Pura