Malaybalay City Charter Day

Malaybalay City Charter Day is celebrated in the city of Malaybalay, Bukidnon, Philippines every March 22. The date is a special working holiday by virtue of Republic Act No. 8813 that was signed by President Joseph Estrada on August 21, 2000.

The city is also the venue of the Kaamulan Festival every March 10.

History of Malaybalay City

Northern Mindanao was settled by the natives long before the arrival of Spanish colonizers. A number of them moved farther inland with the coming of new migrants, driven further by the attacks initiated by sea pirates, and the beginning of the Hispanic conquista.

Upon the imposition of foreign rule, the Spaniards began to organize the territories of Mailag, Linabo, Silae, and Sumilao. By 1850, opposition against Spanish colonizers was such that the people in Kalasungay suffered a terrible blow of defeat that the people fled, killed or captured. Malaybalay was annexed to Misamis Oriental when the latter was formed into a municipal district.

A number of years passed and the natives returned to Silae. Under the leadership of Datu Mampaalong, they acquiesced to live under colonial authorities on June 15, 1877. In Malaybalay, the pueblo of Oroquita del Interior was established. And its people remained under foreign rule until the coming of the American colonizers.

Bukidnon was created into a sub-province of Agusan by virtue of Act No. 1693 that was passed on August 20, 1907. Malaybalay became a municipality on October 19, 1907.

The municipal legislative council passed the Resolution No. 3699-96 on March 26, 1996. The resolution pushed for the conversion of Malaybalay into a city. Thus, House Bill No. 6275 was authored by 2nd District Representative Reginaldo Tilanduca.

Finally, Malaybalay became a city pursuant to Republic Act 8940 on February 11, 1998. The law, otherwise known as “An Act Converting the Municipality of Malaybalay into a Component City of the Province of Bukidnon, to be Known as the City of Malaybalay, was enacted through a referendum on March 22 of the same year. This is the basis of the charter day celebrations held annually.

Malaybalay City Charter Day Activities

The charter day celebration of Malaybalay is jampacked with sporting tourneys in different events, competitions, and entertainment. In 2024, its calendar began in the first of March. Activities included tour, agri-fair, beauty pageant (Miss Q & A), kite festival (Tabanog Festival), fireworks display, concerts, variety shows, etc.

How to reach Malaybalay City

Bukidnon is an interior territory without any coastlines. It can be reached through sea ports in Mindanao such as in Cagayan de Oro. Air travel requires arrival in one of the Mindanao airports such as Misamis Oriental, Davao City, or Cotabato City, and that would remain until the opening of Bukidnon airport in the years to come. And then bus trips are available to take you to the city of Malaybalay.


Malaybalay City Charter Day Summary

NameMalaybalay City Charter Day
CelebrationCharter Day, Cityhood
DateMarch 22
LocationMalaybalay, Bukidnon
OrganizerCity Government of Malaybalay