Lubi-Lubi Festival

Lubi-Lubi Festival is a coconut festival and founding anniversary celebration in the town of Glan, Sarangani, Philippines every October 8.

The province also celebrates the summertime Sarangani Bay Festival in the month of May.

A fest of the same name is also conducted in Gingoog, Misamis Oriental in honor of Sta. Rita de Cascia every May.

History of Lubi-Lubi Festival

Lubi-Lubi comes from the root word lubi, the local name of coconut.

Lubi-Lubi Festival may have started in 2000 based on sources. It celebrates coconut, also called the tree of life, that has become one of the primary drivers of its local economy.

Its celebration features facets of coconut cultivation and production. The street dance competition witnesses performers in costumes inspired from the coconut tree.

Coconut industry in Glan, Sarangani

The town of Glan is one of the top producers of coconut in the entire province and of the Region 12 (Soccsksargen region that is composed of South Cotabato, Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, and Sarangani).

On the account of its coconut industry, it has earned the moniker “The Coco Queen of the South.”

The town produces fresh coconut, copra, and coconut-derived products. Its coco industry involved about 83,000 hectares (which is said to represent 90% of its lands) and production volume of about 446 million nuts annually.

In addition, the production of coco coir (the fiber extracted from the husk of the shell) accounted 17,000 metric tons.

History of Glan, Sarangani

Glan was a vast woodland and abundant with cogon grass.

Its name may have come from the word Magalang, which means “sharp” and a reference to its teeming hunting grounds. Located in the easternmost portion of the province, it was inhabited by indigenous groups (B’laan, Maguindaoan, Taosug, and Tiboli) and Muslim people. It is also home to migrants from North Sulawesi of Indonesia.

During the American occupation, territories in Mindanao were allocated for settlement areas as part of the larger colonization program. These settlements later saw a series of movements of Christian people from Luzon and Visayas.

Under the administration of Governor General Francis Harrison, Commission Act No. 2254 and 2280 in 1913 were passed that earmarked a budget for “the establishment of colonies and plantations for the cultivation of rice and other cereals.”

In time, Glan welcomed sixteen Christian settlers from Cebu. They hailed from the towns of Alegria, Carcar, Hinatilan, and Naga. Collectively called Agricultural Colony No. 9, they were led by superintendent Tranquilino Ruiz.

Thus, Glan became one of the earliest towns and one of the first settlements founded during the American period in Mindanao. Authority and governance of the early years were at the hands of the superintendent, then they were transferred over to the local commanding officer of the Philippine Constabulary.

Then in 1938, local leadership was handed over to civilian official, the last of whom was Rafael Albano. The first mayor was Ireneo Lopez who assumed the position in 1939.

On August 18, 1947, Glan was absorbed as part of the town of Buayan pursuant to Executive Order No. 82 signed by President Manuel Roxas. It was a reversal of status, for Buayan was part of Glan between 1914 and 1936.

Finally, the status of Glan as a municipality was officially established on July 25, 1949 when President Elpidio Quirino issued Executive Order No. 250, otherwise known as”Organizing into an Independent Municipality, under the Name of Glan, the former Municipal District Bearing the Same Name, now part of the Municipality of Buayan, Province of Cotabato”.

Lubi-Lubi Festival Activities

Activities of Lubi-Lubi Festival includes beauty pageant (Mutya ng Glan, Bai de Glan), job fair, battle of the bands, parade, carnival, sports tourneys, variety shows, concerts, talent contests, Indigenous People Day, fireworks display, and street dancing competition.

How to reach Glan, Sarangani

Buy a ticket to General Santos City Airport. Then take a cab or bus to Bulaong terminal where you can get a ride to Sarangani.


Lubi-Lubi Festival Summary

NameLubi-Lubi Festival
CelebrationCulture, Founding Anniversary
Contact+63 955 382 6791
DateOctober 8
Historical eventEstablishment of Agricultural Colony 9 in Glan, Sarangani on October 8, 1914
LocationGlan, Sarangani
OrganizerMunicipal Government of Glan