Kawayan Charter Day

Kawayan Charter Day is celebrated in the town of Kawayan, Biliran, Philippines every October 10. The town also celebrates the town fiesta every October 24.

History of Kawayan

The earliest inhabitants of Kawayan settled in Telegrafo (present Balacson). They lived along the shores and relied on the hilltop for warnings against attacks coming from the sea.

Over time, they spread northward and cleared the lands. Staking their claim in the territory, they planted bamboos to protect them from marauders. Thus, the area became known as Kawayan.

Briefly, Telegrafo was renamed San Clemente towards the end of the Spanish period in honor of son of General Ambrocio Mojica. Mojica once visited this part of the island on the way to Leyte to be installed the military-governor of Leyte.

Kawayan was part of Almeria. In 1905, a political struggle ensued when an Aglipayan priest was invited by local leaders led by Margarito Sabornido to preside religious services.

Opposition was raised against the move, and Sabornido and other officials were suspended. New officials were appointed in their place, led by Matthew MacFarland who became municipal president.

In 1907, the seat of the local government was transferred to Kawayan upon the approval of the governor and provincial board of Leyte. In 1939, municipal officers were elected for the first time, ending the succession of appointed leaders in political positions. Simplicio Jaguros was the last appointed municipal president and became the first municipal mayor when he won the elections.

In post-war period, Almeria seceded and became an independent municipality. This was made possible through Executive Order No. 162 that was signed by President Elpidio Quirino on August 12, 1948.

How to reach Kawayan, Biliran

One can book a flight to Tacloban Airport and ride a bus to Biliran. Sea-based travels are also available and shipping vessels embark at the port of Naval and other ports in Leyte.


Kawayan Charter Day Summary

NameKawayan Charter Day
CelebrationFounding anniversary
DateOctober 10
LocationKawayan, Biliran
OrganizerMunicipal Government of Kawayan