Jiabong Foundation Day

Jiabong Foundation Day is the founding anniversary celebration in the town of Jiabong, Samar, Philippines every October 15. The foundation day may be declared a special non working holiday (such as Proclamation No. 598 in 2018).

Jiabong is a town that has become popular for its production of mussels, locally known as “tahong.” It is said that its name originated in the colonial period and the result of combining “jia” (a site in preparation for attack) and “bong” (cannon firing sound).

It may have been first organized in 1882, but it was annexed to Catbalogan starting in 1905.

It became a municipality by separating from Catbalogan through the passage of Republic Act No. 269, otherwise known as “An Act Creating the Municipality of Jiabong, Province of Samar.” The law was approved on June 15, 1948.

The law defined its territorial jurisdiction as follows: Bayog, Camoroboan, Casapa, Dogongan, Jiabong, Jiaan, Lologayan, Magcabitas, Malino, Malobago, Paglayogan, and San Fernando.

The first appointed municipal officials, led by the first municipal mayor Domingo Jabinal, were inducted to the office on October 27, 1948.

How to reach Jiabong, Samar?

Book a flight to Borongan Airport or Tacloban Airport and continue to via land trip. Alternative trips are through ferries from Cebu and neighboring islands. Bus trips are also available from Metro Manila.


Jiabong Foundation Day Summary

NameJiabong Foundation Day
CelebrationFounding anniversary
DateOctober 15
LocationJiabong, Samar
OrganizerMunicipal Government of Jiabong