Oriental Mindoro

Naujan Founding Anniversary

Naujan Founding Anniversary is celebrated in the town of Naujan, Oriental Mindoro every January 4. It commemorates its history when it was established in 1905, and the date is at times declared as a special non-working holiday in the town through presidential proclamations.

History of Najuan

Naujan is the biggest municipality in the province of Oriental Mindoro. Its name may have come from the word uhaw, which means thirsty. Archeological findings suggest Naujan was a thriving community in pre-Hispanic times. The natives conducted barter with foreign traders as evinced by objects that were discovered to have come from Sung, Yuan, and Ming dynasties.

While it is thought that the Chinese may have come to live there, the Mangyans were its first settlers. The Mangyans moved to the hinterlands upon the coming of the Spaniards in the beginning of the conquest. The Augustinian missionaries arrived in 1600 and they called the place Nao-Hang. In 1639, Naujan was established through a Royal Decree.

As Christianity spread, a stone church was erected in the 17th century by the Recollects in the village of Bancuro which functioned both as a house of worship and evacuation place where the townsfolk could seek safety from the attacks initiated by Moro pirates. However, the Moros succeeded in burning the town in 1824. Later the pueblo was moved to what’s called Matandang Naujan and Lumang Bayan (Old Town).

The town was formally organized on January 4, 1905 with the passage of Act No. 1980 of the Philippine Commission. (The law reduced the towns of the province of Oriental Mindoro from fifteen to eight, and which became effective on February 1, 1905.) This is the date that the town recalls in its annual founding celebration.

Throughout history, people of Naujan committed into opposing foreign rule from the Spaniards during the Philippine Revolution to the Americans during the Philippine-American war, and later against the Japanese invading forces during the Second World War.

How to reach Naujan, Oriental Mindoro

Buses located at ParaƱaque Integrated Terminal Exchange (PITX) have regular trips to Batangas port. The travel time may take about two to three hours. From the port, one can board a ferry to the island of Oriental Mindoro in the port of Calapan. From there, it will be about half an hour trip to the town of Naujan.


Naujan Founding Anniversary Summary

NameNaujan Founding Anniversary
CelebrationFounding anniversary, History
Contact(043) 208 3167
DateJanuary 4
Duration1 day
Historical eventFounding of the town of Naujan
LocationNaujan, Oriental Mindoro
OrganizerMunicipal Government of Naujan