Ilocos Sur

Tagudin Founding Anniversary

Tagudin Founding Anniversary is held every January 5 in the town of Taguin, Ilocos Sur, Philippines. The day in some years is declared a special non-working holiday.

History of Tagudin

Tagudin began as a Christian mission in 1586, and this is the year that the foundation of the town is reckoned. The Augustinians organized Tagudin and the towns of Laoag, Bulatao, and Kaog in January of that year. They also appointed Fr. Matias Manrique, OSA, to take charge of Tagudin as well as other towns of Santa Cruz, Santa Lucia, and Bangar. The first time a priest was exclusively assigned to the town was in 1809.

Its parish was taken over by the secular clergy when the Augustinians left at the outbreak of the Philippine Revolution in 1898.

The town used to be the capital of the historical province of Amburayan, which was a sub-province of then Mountain Province. In 1818, it became part of Ilocos Sur. It’s known as the place where Sister Louise de Meester, the founder of ICM congregation, landed. During the years of conflict, it became a military establishment from which resistance was mounted against the advancing Japanese forces on December 18, 1941 and the site of Battle of Bessang Pass in 1945.

How to reach Tagudin, Ilocos Sur

The nearest airport is Laoag Airport, and the town can be reached in about four hours. Alternatively, one can also travel from Manila which might take over six hours.


Tagudin Founding Anniversary Summary

NameTagudin Founding Anniversary
Contact(077) 652 1740
DateJanuary 5
Duration1 day
Historical eventFounding of the town of Tagudin
LocationTagudin, Ilocos Sur
OrganizerMunicipal Government of Tagudin