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Taguig City Founding Anniversary

Taguig City Founding Anniversary honors the birth of the city of Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines every April 25. The city also celebrates the Taguig City Charter Day every December 8.

History of Taguig City

Taguig is a very old settlement that was ruled by the rajahnate of Lakandula in the Kingdom Namayan and Tondo long before colonial period. The natives who dwelt in its lands subsisted on fishing, and agriculture. Its name in fact is derived from farm-workers who were called taga-giik, which means people who thresh rice.

They also had contact with Chinese merchants with the discovery of artifacts that revealed a rich and vibrant history, particularly the earthenware that were unearthed and identified to have originated during the Ming Dynasty.

In 1571, the first Spanish colonizers reached Taguig led notably by friar Fr. Alonzo de Alvarado who forded the Pasig River. During the colonial era, the settlement was referred in various occasions Tagui, Tagig or Taguig.

It was part of the Provincia de Tondo and Manila and one of the earliest settlements to be Christianized. In succeeding years, it was organized into an encomienda under the rule of Cervantes y Vergara. By 1584, the Augustinian friar Fr. Melchor de Ribera was assigned to provide for the spiritual care of the natives but the church was razed by the Chinese community two years later. Yet the Augustinians decided to make their presence remain.

On April 25, 1587, Taguig was established as a pueblo by separating from Manila and placed under the leadership of Juan Basi; this is the date that forms the basis of the founding anniversary.) Basi would later met with the punishment of exile after he joined in an effort to overthrow the Spanish authorities.

The people in Tipas sought to separate from Taguig either as a barrio of Pasig or as an independent town. Both attempts were unsuccessful and it remains part of Taguig up to this day.

In the latter part of the 19th century and in the first quarter of the 20th century, there was a clamor to move the center of the town because it was vulnerable to flood from the swollen river. Its people refused to heed the call as it meant that they would be living away from their farms. Its people joined forces with the revolutionaries and rose against the Spaniards and later the Americans.

On March 29, 1900, Taguig was established as a municipality through General Order No. 4. Afterwards, it was annexed to Rizal when the province was created through Act No. 137 on June 11, 1901. Then it was fused with Muntinlupa and annexed to the municipality of Pateros through Act No. 942 on October 12, 1903. Muntinlupa was absorbed by the town of Biñan and placed under the province of Laguna by virtue of Act 1008 on November 25, 1903.

Taguig was re-established as a municipality pursuant to Act No. 1308 on
March 22, 1905 when the town of Pateros was changed to the town of Taguig. Through Executive Order No. 20 on February 29, 1908, Pateros seceded and through Executive Order No. 36, it became an independent town on January 1, 1909.

On November 7, 1975, Taguig separated from the province of Rizal and became part of Metro Manila through Presidential decree No. 824.

From a municipality, Taguig became a highly urbanized city through the passage of Republic Act No. 8487, otherwise known as “An Act Converting the Municipality of Taguig, Metro Manila, Into a Highly Urbanized City to be Known as the City of Taguig, and for Other Purposes” on February 11, 1998.

The result of the plebiscite to ratify the law on April 25, 1998 produced a negative vote, but a succeeding recount showed a positive turnout. For years, its cityhood faced legal challenges in court until finally the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the cityhood of Taguig on January 23, 2006.

Taguig City Founding Anniversary Activities

One of the most awaited events is the Mutya ng Taguig. Mutya ng Taguig is a beauty pageant celebrating the beauty, intelligence, and virtues of Taguigena women, symbolizing the essence of the city.

Additionally, the city also honors the most outstanding citizens who give pride to the city and recognize their work through bestowing prestigious award.

Other activities include cultural presentation, socio-civic events, competitions, and parade.

How to reach Taguig City

Taguig City is about 10 kilometers away from Ninoy Aquino International


Taguig City Founding Anniversary Summary

NameTaguig City Founding Anniversary
CelebrationFounding anniversary
DateApril 25
Historical eventThe establishment of Taguig as a pueblo on April 25, 1587
LocationTaguig City, Metro Manila
OrganizerCity Government of Taguig