Tinuom Festival

Tinuom Festival is a cultural and food festival in the town of Cabatuan, Iloilo, Philippines. It is held in the first Sunday of September and boasts of a ten-day calendar. It also precedes the patronal feast of the town in honor of San Nicolas de Tolentino (St. Nicholas of Tolentino).

History of Tinuom Festival

Tinuom Festival comes from a native chicken dish of the same name that is cooked wrapped in banana leaves. It is prepared with aromatics (onion, garlic, ginger), lemon grass, tomatoes, and water.

It has become a signature dish of the town and the centerpiece of the festivities. It is also a dish that is identified with the town of Madalag in the province of Aklan.

Tinuom Festival was launched in 2006 during the term of Mayor Ramon C. Yee.

Aspects of the fest reflect the dish. The dance showdown brings into performance the steps, gait, and movements of chickens. It is also described as a trance dance that functions as a way of cleansing and purification of the community. The performances will also bring together street theater and music.

Another event that made national headline was a competition to dress up poultry. Roosters wore customarily male garments like pants while hens wore cosmetics.

Tinuom Festival Activities

The Food Festival is one of the highlights of Tinuom Festival. Other events include Search for Tinuom Festival’s King & Queen, a beauty pageant for male and female candidates. An agro-industrial trade fair and exhibit is also slotted in its schedule together with the cultural dance contest.

How to reach Cabatuan, Iloilo, Philippines

The town of Cabatuan can be accessed through the Iloilo International Airport and a bus strip that would take about an hour covering a distance of over 20 kilometers.


Tinuom Festival Summary

NameTinuom Festival
CelebrationCulture, Food
Contact(033) 522 7861
DateFirst Sunday of September
Duration10 days
FounderRamon C. Yee
OrganizerMunicipal Government of Cabatuan