Sorteo Festival

Sorteo Festival, also called Sorteo ng Bukid ng Bayan Festival, is a triennial cultural and harvest festival of Carmona City, Cavite, Philippines every February 20. It commemorates the tradition of sorteo, a lottery in designating farm workers to till fertile lands every three years. Carmona also celebrates Charter Day every February 23.


Sorteo Festival is derived from the word sorteo, meaning raffle or lottery. It is a celebration of the origin of Carmona City as an agrarian town.

History of Sorteo Festival

Sorteo Festival remembers the town-wide tradition called sorteo. A sorteo was a public lottery where names of farm workers were drawn by lots and they were given a piece of the communal land to till.

Carmona began when it was cleared by three brothers and it named Labac. When the Spaniards came, it was known as Latag (which means plain) and became part of the town of Silang in 1595.

The borders separating Silang and Biñan were finalized and approved by Pedro Calderon Enriquez on March 9, 1746. Nevertheless, Carmona’s status remained to be an annex that of Silang. Infrastructures were built in the settlement such as public buildings and irrigation, and the population grew. A request to then gobernardorcillo of Cavite to amend the rules governing communal lands was sent on November 15, 1759.

In 1838, a clamor rose calling for the separation of Latag from Silang and for its establishment as an independent town. The dream for its separation was realized on February 20, 1857, its initiative championed by the cabeza and elite clans. It was renamed to Carmona inspired by a Spanish town located in the province of Seville.

The sorteo tradition began in 1861, four years after the town was created and its borders fixed. A decree issued by Governor General Ramon Montero y Blandino allocated communal lands to be made available for the people could utilize them for cultivation and for their livestock.

The decree inspired people to move to Carmona. To prevent and settle disputes on the lands, farmers were drawn by lots and they were assigned a piece of land to work on every three years. The tradition has lived on in modern times and is the basis of the Sorteo Festival.

The first Sorteo Festival was launched by Mayor Roy Loyola in 2003.

Sorteo Festival Activities

In 2016, the raffle went for four nights with parcels of lands and cash prizes up for grabs. In 2020 when pandemic was in full swing, the local government announced that communal lands of the city were developed through joint venture and a virtual raffle was drawn for cash prizes among residents to register online.

Other activities of the fest includes street dancing, parade, house decorating contest, talent contests, and beauty pageant (Binibining Sorteo).

How to reach Carmona City, Cavite

Public transport is available from Metro Manila.


Sorteo Festival Summary

NameSorteo Festival
CelebrationCulture, Harvest
DateFebruary 20
FounderRoy Loyola
LocationCarmona City, Cavite
OrganizerCity Government of Carmona
Other NamesSorteo ng Bukid ng Bayan Festival