Allacapan Founding Anniversary

Apit Festival is the founding anniversary in the town of Allacapan, Cagayan, Philippines every October 15. In some years, the celebration is called Apit Festival.

History of Allacapan

Allacapan began as a thick woodland inhabited by the aboriginal Negritoes. Its name may have been derived from “Alla-Appan”, which is an Ilocano expression for a trap.

Local migration saw the area grew in size. One story stated that Francisco Umengan, the municipal president of Aparri, opened a timber business that soon attracted people to settle in the lands.

Allacapan began as a municipal district that was part of Tawit, Mountain Province. It was made possible through Executive Order No. 68 signed by Governor General Eugene A. Gilmore on June 20, 1927. The issuance took effect on July 1, 1927.

Then it attained municipal status through Commonwealth Act No. 692 that was approved on October 15, 1945. The order stated that its jurisdiction did not include Nararagan, Cabayu, Tolong, Silagan, Cabaggaoan, Luppiad, and Batalim which were part of Ballesteros.

How to reach Apit, Cagayan

The nearest airport is Legazpi Airport, and the city is about 60 kilometers away in a land trip that would take roughly one and a half hour.


Allacapan Founding Anniversary Summary

NameAllacapan Founding Anniversary
CelebrationFounding anniversary
DateOctober 15
LocationAllacapan, Cagayan
OrganizerMunicipal Government of Allacapan