Tabaco City Charter Day

Tabaco City Charter Day is celebrated every March 24 for the cityhood of Tabaco, Albay, Philippines. The date may be a special nonworking holiday through executive issuance (such as Proclamation No. 1319 in 2022).

The city also celebrates Tabak Festival every June 24.

History of Tabaco City

Spanish colonizer Luiz Enriquez de Guzman may have been the first Spaniard to explore the province of Albay in 1569. The history of Tabaco during the Spanish conquest on the other hand may have started with the Christianization of Cagsawa (see Cagsawa Festival) towards the end of the 16th century. A church was put up by Spanish friar Pedro de Alcareso, the first priest assigned in the town in 1616, and St. John the Baptist was its titular.

When Bicol region was partitioned in 17th century, Tabaco was one of the divisions, the other being the Partido de Iraya. Calamities befell upon it in 1811 (a ruinous typhoon) and 1814 (the eruption of Mt. Mayon).

The town grew by leaps and by bounds during the post-war period, and Tabaco became a city through Republic Act No. 9020. It was signed into law by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo on March 5, 2001 and enacted through a plebiscite in March 24, 2001, the date at which the .

How to reach Tabaco City, Albay

Book a flight to Legazpi Airport and take a ride to the city in an hour trip that is about forty kilometers in distance.


Tabaco City Charter Day Summary

NameTabaco City Charter Day
Contact0920 231 2019
DateMarch 24
Duration1 day
Historical eventCityhood of Tabaco in 2001
LocationTabaco City, Albay
OrganizerCity Government of Tabaco