Ulo ng Apo Festival

Ulo ng Apo Festival is a month-long cultural festival in Olongapo City, Zambales, Philippines every December.

Olongapo City also celebrates cityhood anniversary every June 1st.

What is Ulo ng Apo?

Ulo ng Apo is a story that is thought to explain how Olongapo acquired its name. According to a folklore, Olongapo City derived its name from the phrase “Ulo ng Apo” or in its English translation, the head of the leader.

In the olden times, the legend goes, people lived by the shores of what is now known as Olongapo and they were led by a respected, capable leader they called Apo. He was a just man and he helped end disputes in the village by ruling with fairness. He also led in ending a great conflict that divided the village and inspired them to be united. Under his rule, his people learn to be resilient in facing any hardships that came their way.

In another version of the story, Apo was a rich landowner. Despite his wealth, he remained humble and he was known for his generosity.

Because of his goodness and inspiring life, he was known to many people outside of the village.

One day, the villagers came to a shocking news that Apo was abducted. They searched everywhere for him, but they could not find him. Many thought he was taken by evil men who wanted the village to go on without a leader and break into division once again.

After days of searching, a boy chanced upon his severed head and after taking it with him, he ran to the village shouting, “Ulo ng Apo!” The villagers were overcome with great sadness knowing that Apo was killed, and they rose in unity and punished the men who killed their leader.

From that time on, the village was called Ulo ng Apo and as time went by, Olongapo. A monument of the legendary leader is located in Rizal Avenue, Olongapo City.

History of Ulo ng Apo Festival

Ulo ng Apo Festival was launched in 2019 within the term of Mayor Rolen Paulino Jr.

Ulo ng Apo Festival Activities

The calendar of the fest spans for the entire month of December, and its activities include beauty pageant (Miss Olongapo), grand parade, concert, talent competitions, and variety and cultural shows.


Ulo ng Apo Festival Summary

NameUlo ng Apo Festival
Contact0998 845 6829
DateDecember 1
Duration1 month
LocationOlongapo City, Zambales
OrganizerCity Government of Olongapo