Iniruban and Chicharon Festival

Iniruban and Chicharon Festival is a cultural and food festival in Camiling, Tarlac, Philippines every last week of October. It is the town’s celebration of food, as its name comes from rice cake called iniruban and deep-fried pork rinds called chicharon. The event is also an expression of gratitude for great harvest and quality meat production.

Its schedule is also meant to prepare for All Soul’s Day.

What is iniruban?

Iniruban is also called dudumen, inuruban, nilubyan, or inlubi. Its main ingredient is burnt rice grains. Young stalks of rice plants are placed above source of heat (like fire or hot coals) until the grains are burned.

The grains are then made fine by pounding and mixed with coconut milk and molasses. The mixture is cooked over heat until tender.

The delicacy is also popular in other places in Luzon such as Ilocos, Nueva Ecija, and Pangasinan.

Chicharon of Camiling, Tarlac

Also called bagnet by folks outside of the town, chicharon is a delicacy of the town that it is also referred to as Chicharon Camiling. It is a fried pork belly that is often matched with bagoong (krill or fish or shrimp paste) and aromatics.

How to reach Tarlac

Tarlac is a three-hour land-based trip from Metro Manila. Alternatively, one can book a flight to Clark International Airport.


Iniruban and Chicharon Festival Summary

NameIniruban and Chicharon Festival
Contact0917 852 7970
DateLast week of October
LocationCamiling, Tarlac
OrganizerMunicipal Government of Tarlac