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Talakudong Festival

Talakudong Festival is the celebration for Tacurong City Charter Day in the city of Takurong, Sultan Kudarat, Philippines every September 18.


Talakudong refers to the head covering that is said to be worn by people who lived in the city in the past. It is also where the name of the city comes from.

History of Tacurong City

Tacurong City is a component city in Soccsksargen Region that is comprised of South Cotabato, Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Sarangani and General Santos City.

In the past, it was part of the town of Buluan.

Inhabited by Maguindaoan people, it was called Pamasang in the olden times. The word may refer to the creek of the same name or the upland river village along Comagal Creek, a place where traders meet to barter goods. According to some sources, the word pamasan means “to buy” in the mother tongue.

It is not known when the name of the place was changed. Tacurong may have been derived from talakudong, the head piece that its folks wore.

Its people were ruled by Datu Kamama Baghul. The chieftain resisted the plan of the government to prepare the lands for subdivision intending for the settlement program, as was done in the Koronadal Valley Settlement.

Its local economy was vitalized by the cultivation of ramie, a shrub that produces fiber. However, its people led by Demetrio Ledesma moved to Norala in Allah Valley during World War II. After peace was restored, they returned to their homes in Tacurong.

The number of people who chose to dwell in Tacurong increased as they were attracted by its strategic location and fertile lands. On August 3, 1951, Elpidio Quirino issued Executive Order No. 462 that separated Tacurong from the town of Buluan and the former became an independent municipality.

Migration of Ilongos and Ilocanos pushed through, with one in ten being sponsored by the government to settle in the lands. The rest were encouraged by the news of the program and by the desire in seeking better prospects for the future.

Through the efforts of representative Angelo Montilla, the cityhood of Tacurong was contained in House Bill No. 6497. On August 16, 2000, Joseph Estrada signed the Republic Act No. 8805, otherwise known as “An Act Converting the Municipality of Tacurong into a Component City of the Province of Sultan Kudarat to be Known as the City of Tacurong.”

The law was ratified via a plebiscite on September 18, 2000; this is the date that is the basis of the Tacurong City Charter Day.

Talakudong Festival Activities

Activities include street dancing called Lumbayag sa Dalanon kag Kiay Kiay, sports, arts, talent contests, workshops, beauty pageant called Search for the Mutya ng Lungsod ng Tacurong, pet show, field demo competition, motorcade, and a number of competitions.

How to reach Tacurong City, Sultan Kudarat

The nearest airport is Cotabato City, which is about 80 kilometers away through land transport.


Talakudong Festival Summary

NameTalakudong Festival
CelebrationCharter Day, Culture, Cityhood
Contact064-562-0188, 064-477-0138
DateSeptember 18
LocationTacurong City, Sultan Kudarat
OrganizerCity Government of Tacurong