Alimango Festival in Caluag, Quezon

Alimango Festival, also called Katang Festival or Crab Festival, is a seafood festival of the municipality of Calauag in the province of Quezon, Philippines. It is held every May 25th. This week-long event is participated by the different barangay units of the municipality. Calauag is considered the crab and seaweed capital of Quezon.

The town of Lala, Lanao del Norte also celebrates Alimango Festival every March.

History of Alimango Festival

Alimango Festival was first held in 2005 and it comes from the word alimango, a Filipino word for crab.

It is also known as Katang Festival, which is derived from katang, the local word for the said sea animal. It is a celebration of the abundance of the mud crabs in the town as signified by their festival mascot, the giant mud crab called Higanteng Alimango.

Farming of mud crabs is one of the primary livelihoods among the people in the town. The variety they produced have distinct flavor due to the water system where they are sourced from.

Lanao del Norte also celebrates the Alimango Festival in the town of Lala every March 22.

History of Calauag, Quezon

Alimango Festival is also an anniversary celebration of the founding of Calauag. Its name is derived from a myth about a giant turtle called Kala was discovered and about to be killed.

Townsfolk discouraged the people carrying out the deed to stop in their tracks and spare the animal’s life, shouting, “Kala, huwag.”

People dwelt in Calauag before the Spanish conquest albeit no written records exist that could shed light about them and their way of life.

They built their communities along the flood plains of Kalawag River and Pandanan River, and in the forest lands. The earliest historical entry of the town was recorded in 1584.

In Fr. Valentin Martin’s “Ensayo de una Sintesis de los Trabajos Bealizados por las Corporaciones Religiosas Españolas de Filipinas”, it stated that town was born when Apad was combined with Calauag in 1851.

The unification was necessitated to better protect the inhabitants from Moro raiders. The town was also mentioned in Spanish author Juan Alvarez Guerra’s Viajes por Filipinas de Manila a Tayabas.

The town fiesta is celebrated every May 25, although its patron saint is St. Peter whose feast falls on June 29.

Alimango Festival Activities

Activities include a race of crabs and a contest of the biggest and heaviest crab. Other even include street dancing competition where participants wear crab-themed attire. Other activities include fireworks display, agri-aqua trade, parade, entertainment, sports, competitions, beauty pageant called Binibining Calauag, boat race called Bangkarerahan, motorcade, entertainment, variety shows, etc.

How to reach Calauag, Quezon

From Manila, take a bus to the province Quezon. You may also take a bus bound for Lucena, and from Lucena bus terminal take a ride to the town of Calauag.


Alimango Festival in Caluag, Quezon Summary

NameAlimango Festival in Caluag, Quezon
CelebrationFounding anniversary, Seafood
DateMay 25
Duration1 week
LocationCalauag, Quezon
Other NamesCrab Festival, Katang Festival