Pangasinan Founding Anniversary

Pangasinan Founding Anniversary, also called Agew na Pangasinan or Pangasinan Day, is celebrated every April 5 in the province of Pangasinan, Philippines. The date is a special working holiday by virtue of Republic Act No. 11374 that was signed by President Rodrigo Duterte on August 22, 2019.

The province also celebrates the Pistay Dayat every May.

History of Pangasinan

The name Pangasinan means “place of salt-making” (see Asin Festival). In pre-historic times, it was inhabited by natives along the Lingayen Gulf. They engaged in the production of salt along its coastlines as well as keeping in contact with foreign merchants for trading.

Spanish colonizer Juan de Salcedo explored its lands in 1572. Being one of the first provinces that was organized at that time, its boundaries included areas that are now part of La Union, Nueva Ecija, Tarlac, and Zambales.

It was allocated as an encomienda for the purpose of collecting tributes and spreading Christianity on April 5, 1572. Three years later, it was the site where Chinese warlord Limahong escaped to the sea, fleeing from the Spanish forces who were pursuing him. It became a province headed by the alcalde mayor, Pedro Manrique, within the term of Governor General Gonzalo Ronquillo de PeƱalosa in 1580.

Interestingly, the founding anniversary commemorates April 5, 1580.

The province saw several uprisings against the Spanish rule: Malong Revolt (1660) and Palaris Revolt (1762). At the conclusion of the Philippine Revolution, it was freed from Spanish control on July 23, 1898. Meanwhile, its capital was moved several times: Lingayen (1762), San Carlos (formerly Binalatongan, 1899), Lingayen (1901), Dagupan (1942), and back to Lingayen (1945).

The provincial government was organized during the American occupation with the passage of Act No. 86, otherwise known as “An Act Extending the Provisions of the Provincial Government Act to the Province of Pangasinan,” on February 16, 1901.

How to reach Pangasinan

Going to Pangasinan is convenient through Lingayen Airport.


Pangasinan Founding Anniversary Summary

NamePangasinan Founding Anniversary
CelebrationFounding anniversary
Contact(075) 522 6056
DateApril 5
Historical eventFounding of Pangasinan in the 16th century
OrganizerProvincial Government of Pangasinan