Infanta Foundation Day

Infanta Foundation Day is celebrated in the town of Infanta, Pangasinan, Philippines every October 4. The date may be a special working holiday in the municipality through executive issuances (such as Proclamation No. 64 in 2022).

History of Infanta

A long time ago, Infanta used to be part of Sta. Cruz of the province of Zambales. It was called San Juan, so named after St. John the Evangelist. Afterwards, it was renamed San Felipe.

It became a town on October 4, 1876 by seceding from Sta. Cruz pursuant to Spanish colonial decree. This is the date that is the basis of the founding anniversary celebration.

It was also renamed Infanta which originated according to one source from Elizabeth, the Infant Princess of Spain, or from its status as a young municipality with respect to Sta. Cruz.

The center of the town was located in Barangay Nangalisan. During colonial period, the Spaniards directed that its people would be given Hispanic names that start with letter M.

On November 21, 1903, Infanta along with the towns of Alaminos, Bolinao, and San Isidro separated from Zambales and became part of Pangasinan in accordance to Act No. 1004.

When it experienced prosperity, however, its people fell victims to crimes such as robbery by bandits who could then flee to the nearby uplands. Thus, a petition was made to move the town center to a safer site. In 1904, its seat of the government was moved to the present-day location.

Then Barrio Eguia was combined with the municipality of Dasol in 1925. As a result of the transfer and loss of territory, the total area of Infanta was lessened.

How to reach Infanta, Pangasinan

Going to Pangasinan is convenient through Lingayen Airport.


Infanta Foundation Day Summary

NameInfanta Foundation Day
DateOctober 4
LocationInfanta, Pangasinan
OrganizerMunicipal Government of Infanta