Nueva Vizcaya

Grand Ammungan Festival

Grand Ammungan Festival, also known as Ammungan Festival, is a founding anniversary and cultural festival of the province of Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines held every May 24. The day is also declared as special non-working holiday and called Nueva Vizcaya Day since 1985. It is a week-long celebration.

Panagyamanan Festival

Panagyamanan Festival was the rice festival previously conducted by Nueva Vizcaya in observance of its founding day. Its name comes from the word panagyamanan, an Ilocano word that means thanksgiving.

In the Philippines, rice is an important staple food and an integral part of Filipino economy and culture. It plays a central role in various summer and harvest festivals held across the archipelago from May to June every year such as in the town of Pura in Tarlac, the Sinanggiyaw Festival of Dumanjug in Cebu, Pahiyas Festival of Lucban in Quezon, Ani Festival of Dingras in Ilocos Norte, and Bakle Festival of Kiangan in Ifugao.

In 2004, then president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo issued Proclamation No. 606 that instituted a national rice festival and declared April as the month of ‘Panagyamanan Rice Festival‘.

It was meant to celebrate the hard work of farmers, the introduction of hybrid rice into the local economy, and other agricultural programs towards a hungry-free nation. See also National Rice Awareness Week.

History of Grand Ammungan Festival

Panagyamanan Festival was rebranded years later.

Grand Ammungan Festival comes from the word ammungan which is a word in Gaddang language that means coming together or gathering. An Ilocano vocabulary, ummungan, also refers to the same meaning. It replaced the Panagyaman Festival.

The first Grand Ammungan Festival was launched within the term of former governor Luisa Cuaresma in 2009, a revival of the aforementioned fest that was said to have been held in 1989 and 1996. Tribu Biscayano was coined to collectively refer to everyone in the province.

The celebration gives the limelight to the diversity of its people that belong to many indigenous groups such as Ayangan, Bugkalot, Gaddang, Ibaloi, Isinai, Kalanguya/Ikalahan, Kankanaey, Tuwali, and others. Likewise, the province is also a home of migrant, distinct ethno-linguistic people such as Bicolano, Visayans, and Ilocanos, to name a few.

In addition, it also puts a spotlight on the many scenic tourist spots in the province.

History of Nueva Vizcaya

The festival additionally marks the founding of Nueva Vizcaya whose name is derived from Biscay of Spain. It is part of Cagayan Valley Region which consists of other provinces such as Batanes, Cagayan, Isabela, and Quirino.

A landlocked area, it is bounded by (clockwise) Ifugao, Isabela, Quirino, Aurora, Nueva Ecija, Pangasinan, and Benguet. Additionally, it is touted as the citrus capital of the Philippines. People flock to the farms, particularly in the municipality of Kasibu, to snap Instagram-mable selfies and photos of fruit-picking.

During the Spanish era, it was part of the Territorio de Missionares and under the civil government set up in Llalo, renamed Ciudad Nueva Segovia in 1581, the capital of Cagayan Valley Region.

On May 24, 1839, it became independent by the order issued by Governor General Luis Lardizabal which was granted royal approval on April 10, 1841. And later from Nueva Vizcaya, Quirino was founded by virtue of Republic Act No. 4734 on June 18, 1966.

The Proclamation No. 2412 was issued on September 9, 1985 that declared April 10 as a non-working holiday in the province.

However, it was later amended when Proclamation 2422 was issued on May 22 of the same year to move the holiday to May 24.

In 2020, public gatherings were restricted because of coronavirus pandemic. Consequently, the fest was paused in that year. Moreover, activities were were moved online in 2021. It was finally re-staged in 2022.

Grand Ammungan Festival Activities

Activities of Grand Ammungan Festival highlights the province’s indigenous people, culture, and history. Activities may include art exhibit, float competition, street dance called Indakan sa Kalye, parade, pet shows, Tribu Vizcayano Village, concerts, public services, job fair, photo exhibit, entertainment and cultural and variety shows, native games, and other events. Below are the other highlights.

Gawang Vizcayano Exhibit

Gawang Vizcayano Exhibit is the agri-trade fair. It is a venue for promotion, marketing, and sale of local products such as food, handicraft, and household items. It also features the one-town-one-product program. They are produced by Nueva Vizcaya Entrepreneurs Association with assistance from different government agencies.

IP Summer workshop

IP (Indigenous People) Summer Workshop started in 2014. An initiative of Ruth Padilla, it took form out of the observation that adults participated in cultural shows involving indigenous people. It was created to preserve ethnic culture and ensure its transmission to succeeding generations. The program was in coordination with Department of Education, National Commission on Indigenous People, and tribal leaders.

Nueva Vizcaya Travel and Tourism Expo

Launched in 2022, Nueva Vizcaya Travel and Tourism Expo promotes the different destinations, historical landmarks, cultural heritage, and beautiful spots in the province. It aims to bolster the local tourism industry by showcasing what the province can offer in terms of accommodation, tourist activities, eco-tourism, and scenic locations.

Saniata ti Tribu Biskayano

Saniata ti Tribu Biskayano is a prestigious search. It is a beauty contest that is participated by representatives from various localities of the province. Aside from the usual pageant events, it also has a program where the ladies wear traditional costumes inspired by tribal fashion from the different indigenous people.


Wat-wat is a word in Kalanguya language that means sharing and giving. It is marked with the partaking of native wine, food, delicacies, and consecrated meat. In native tradition, it is conducted during an event in the community and participated by its members. In the festival, it is joined by guests, visitors, and ethnic groups as a means to promote unity.

How to reach Nueva Vizcaya

You can reach Nueva Vizcaya by taking a flight to Clark International Airport in Pampanga and take a land trip (via bus) to the province. It is a trip that takes over one and a half hour and covers about 60 kilometers. Buses are also available from Manila.


Grand Ammungan Festival Summary

NameGrand Ammungan Festival
CelebrationCulture, Founding, Indigenous People
Contact0998 991 0998
DateMay 24
Duration1 week
Indigenous peopleAyangan, Bugkalot, Gaddang, Ibaloi, Isinai, Kalanguya/Ikalahan, Kankanaey, Tuwali
LocationNueva Vizcaya
OrganizerProvincial Government of Nueva Vizcaya
Other NamesAmmungan Festival
Previous NamePanagyaman Festival
Simultaneous eventNueva Vizcaya Day