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Foundation Day of Pasay City

Foundation Day of Pasay City is held in the city of Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines every December 2. The said date is a special nonworking holiday in the city pursuant to Republic Act No. 1140 that was signed by President Rodrigo Duterte on November 9, 2018.

The annual event remembers the establishment of Pasay as an independent pueblo when it separated from Malate in 1863.

History of Pasay City

It is not clear how Pasay acquired its name. Oral tradition claims it may have come from an ill-fated romance between Jose and Paz or from a princess of pre-Hispanic kingdom of Namayan that encompassed its territory.

Pasay began as a mission by Spanish religious orders during the colonial era. The Franciscans annexed its settlement to Sta. Ana de Sapa, which was once the capital of the Namayan Kingdom. In 1727, however, the Augustinians replaced the Franciscans. They placed the area as a visita of Nuestra Seniora de los Remedios Church of Malate and it had remained so for over a century. It was likewise renamed Pineda after Spanish horticulturist, Cornelio Pineda.

In 1862, a clamor to form an independent pueblo was expressed by the townsfolk and the proposal was approved. Through an endorsement by Gregorio Meliton Martinez Santa Cruz, the Archbishop of Manila, Pasay separated from Malate and became a town on December 2, 1863. This is the date that yearly event commemorates.

During the American period, Pineda was annexed to the province of Rizal through Act No. 137 that was enacted on June 11, 1901.

The municipal council voted to push for the renaming of the town back to its original name, and thus its name was changed to Pasay by virtue of Act No. 227 on September 6, 1901.

Its territory expanded upon the annexation of neighboring Malibay pursuant to Act No. 942 on October 12, 1903.

Foundation Day of Pasay City Activities

Various activities are conducted to commemorate the historical event. In 2022, there was a lighting of the Christmas tree, a musical show by the city symphony, and job fair.

How to reach Pasay City

Ninoy Aquino International Airport is located in Pasay City, Metro Manila.


Foundation Day of Pasay City Summary

NameFoundation Day of Pasay City
CelebrationFoundation Day
DateDecember 2
Historical eventEstablishment of pueblo of Pineda on December 2, 1863
LocationPasay City, Metro Manila
OrganizerCity Government of Pasay