Adlaw sa Ormoc

Adlaw sa Ormoc, translated to Ormoc Day, is the charter day celebration in Ormoc City, Leyte, Philippines every October 20.

The date is a special non working holiday by virtue of Republic Act No. 8410, otherwise known as “An Act Declaring October Twenty of Every Year as Adlaw sa Ormoc, a Special Nonworking Public Holiday for the City of Ormoc” that became a law on November 27, 1997.

History of Ormoc City

Its old name was Ugmok or Ogmok, which means lowland. Early settlers of Ormoc engaged in trading with foreign merchants.

The Spaniards arrived in the 16th century. It was designated as an encomienda for Francisco de Quiros by Miguel Lopez de Legazpi in 1577. In 1595, Jesuit friar Pedro Chirino and other missionaries reached Leyte. Two years later, the Jesuit mission was established by Fr. Alonso Rodriguez and Fr. Leonardo Scels in May 1597 and erected a church under the patronage of Sts. Peter and Paul.

Its coastal location made it exposed to attacks coming from the sea, particularly the vicious Moro raids. As defense, watch towers were built to warn the people of incoming pirates.

On December 4, 1634, Moro pirates led by Cachil Korralat (Katsil Kunarat) attacked. The natives fought back and defended their home. However, they were outgunned and those who fought were killed, including the Jesuit priest.

When the Jesuits were expelled in 1768, the Augustinians took over. In 1834, the church was handed over to the secular clergy. On February 26, 1834, Ormoc was separated from Palompon and became an independent town.

During the American period, Francisco Ablen led the pulahanes movement. The Pulahanes were revolutionaries who put up opposition against foreign rule, but they were defeated by the Americans.

Ormoc became a city pursuant to Republic Act No. 179, otherwise known as “An Act Creating Ormoc City”, approved on June 2, 1947.

The charter day celebration is observed every October 20th, which is the inauguration day and the day of appointment of the City Mayor and legislative board, by virtue of Proclamation No. 42 signed by President Manuel Roxas on September 4, 1947.

Adlaw sa Ormoc Activities

Activities for Adlaw sa Ormoc includes socio-civic projects (like blood-donation, job fair), sports, workshops, awards (Garbo sa Ormoc), fireworks display, entertainment, etc.

How to reach Ormoc City, Leyte

One can take a flight to Ormoc Airport or take a sea trip from neighboring islands.


Adlaw sa Ormoc Summary

NameAdlaw sa Ormoc
CelebrationCharter Day
DateOctober 20
LocationOrmoc City, Leyte
OrganizerCity Government of Ormoc