Lanao del Norte

Nangkaan Festival

Nangkaan Festival is a celebration of fruit festival and Charter Day in the municipality of Maigo in Lanao del Norte, Philippines every February 27.

History of Nangkaan Festival

Nangkaan Festival was first held in 2008. It was launched in time for the anniversary of the establishment of the town, and its schedule coincided with the town’s Tourism Week which is slated in the last week of February. In addition, it is also a nod to and a celebration of the harvest of nangka, also called langka in Filipino and jackfruit in English. Considered the king of fruits, it is one of the town’s proud agricultural produce.

Charter Day of Maigo

Maigo was established through the Executive Order No. 331 signed by President Carlos P. Garcia on February 27, 1959. This is the date that the Nangkaan Festival marks for its annual celebration. The town was created from lands formerly belonging to the municipalities of Kolambugan and Bacolod. These include the villages of Maigo, Balagatasa, Sigapud, Mentring, Liagan Proper, Barogohan, Camps I, II, and III.

Maigo became the town center and the site of local government offices.

Nangkaan Festival Activities

The schedule of activities of the festival can start as early as the second week of the month or week-long. Its activities revolve around the abundant harvest of jackfruit and a celebration of the history of the town. There is a beauty pageant called Miss Maigo, cultural shows, a trade fair that showcases the municipality’s products, and street dancing competition.

How to reach Maigo, Lanao del Norte

The nearest airport is Iligan Airport, which is about fifty kilometers away in a trip that would take over an hour.


Nangkaan Festival Summary

NameNangkaan Festival
CelebrationCharter Day, Jackfruit
DateFebruary 27
Duration1 week
Historical eventFounding of the town of Maigo
LocationMaigo, Lanao del Norte
OrganizerMunicipal Government of Maigo