Pigcawayan Founding Anniversary

Pigcawayan Founding Anniversary is a week-long celebration in Pigcawayan, Cotabato, Philippines every October 20. The date may be a special nonworking holiday (such as pursuant to Proclamation No. 342 issued in 2023).

History of Pigcawayan

Pigcawayan, along with Alamada and Libungan, used to be part of the town of Midsayap. Its name may have come from the word “pigawaan“, which means an abandoned site for it saw fierce conflicts between warring Iranun and Maguindaoan groups.

Pigcawayan was made into a town by separating from Midsayap by virtue of Executive Order 622, otherwise known as “Creating the Municipality of Pigkawayan in the Province of Cotabato”, that was signed by President Elpidio Quirino on September 30, 1953.

According to the order, its territories included Baguer, Balicayan, Balogo, Banacaguin, Bolocauon, Capayoran, Dinginin, Kimmaroyag, Libungan Torreta, Malagakit, Maloan, Manuangan, Matilac, Midpapan, Olamian, Pangangcalan, Patot, Tibawan, Tugar, Upper Baguer, Upper Buluan, and Upper Panatan.

Libungan would become a town through Executive Order 414 signed by President Carlos P. Garcia on January 27, 1961. Meanwhile, Alamada was declared a municipality through Republic Act No. 5645 approved on June 21, 1969.

Pigcawayan Founding Anniversary Activities

Activities for the founding anniversary of Pigcawayan may include socio-civic projects (like blood-letting event), ecumenical service, Pakaragyan Festival, sports tourneys, talent contests, beauty pageant (Mutya ng Pigcawayan), Gabi ng Parangal (awards recognizing outstanding individuals), civic parade, float parade, field demonstration, and concerts.

How to reach Pigcawayan, Cotabato

Book a flight to Davao International Airport or Cotabato Airport, and take a bus.


Pigcawayan Founding Anniversary Summary

NamePigcawayan Founding Anniversary
CelebrationFounding Anniversary
Contact+63 (06422) 93-222, +63 (06422) 93-295
DateOctober 20
Duration1 week,,
LocationPigcawayan, Cotabato
OrganizerMunicipal Government of Pigcawayan