Sanggi Festival

Sanggi Festival is a harvest and religious festival in the town of Tabogon, Cebu, Philippines every May 20. It celebrates agriculture which is one of the main sources of livelihood of the people in Tabogon. Its schedule is also held in conjunction with the feast of the town’s patron, St. Isidore the Laborer.

It is one of the cultural fests that is part of the annual Pasigarbo sa Sugbo every August.


Sanggi Festival comes from sanggi, a word in Cebuano language that means harvest.

History of Sanggi Festival

Sanggi Festival was launched within the tenure of Mayor Eusebio Dungog in 2013. It replaced Pausbaw Festival, with the word pausbaw meaning progress and short for pagpalambo sa mag-uuma uban sa kabaw with rough English translation “progress for farmers with carabao / water buffalo”.

Both festivals pay homage to agriculture, one of the key drivers of the local economy of the town of Tabogon, the invaluable contribution of farmers, the importance of carabao in farm work, and production of corn which is one of the town’s main crops. Its cultural dance is inflected with the movements that recall the work out in the farm: pugas (sowing), sanggi (harvest), pasalamat (thanksgiving), and hikay (feast or banquet).

The annual fest was put on hold at the height of Covid-19 pandemic. In 2023, it was re-staged and Sanggi Festival was restored as the town-wide celebration during the term of Mayor Francis Salimbangon with the goal to “…to reintroduce the culture and tradition to the younger generation.”

Devotion to St. Isidore the Laborer

The devotion to St. Isidore the Laborer, locally known as San Isidro Labrador, was introduced by the Augustinian missionaries in the colonial era.

In the past, the name of the town was Agoho for it was called after a tree. The Spaniards renamed it Tabogon, which is to drive away, for it was deemed a place of refuge when its people defended the town from Moro pirates.

The Augustinians built the church as a visita of Sogod Parish. It was raised into a parish on August 6, 1851.

How to reach Tabogon, Cebu

From Mactan International Airport, take a ride to North Bus Terminal and get on a bus going to Tabogon.


Sanggi Festival Summary

NameSanggi Festival
CelebrationAgriculture, Corn, Culture, Harvest, Religion
ChurchSan Isidro Labrador Parish
Contact(032) 433 9041
FounderEusebio Dungog
LocationTabogon, Cebu
OrganizerTabogon LGU
PatronSt. Isidore the Laborer
ReligionRoman Catholic