Danao City Charter Day

Danao City Charter Day is observed in the city of Danao, Cebu, Philippines every June 7.

The annual event marks its cityhood through Republic Act No. 3028 which came into effect in 1961. It also celebrates the city’s culture, heritage, and continued progress.

It also celebrates the Karansa Festival every September.

History of Danao City

The word danao refers to a body of water. According to records from the Spanish times, Danao was a low swampland that was the product of recurring flood from a river.

A dike was built to prevent water from overflowing, and while the floodplains dried up as a result it’s retained its name.

It is said that it was founded since the “time of the conquest.” Augustinian Recollects took over the church and the town either in 1621 or 1671. The church became a parish in 1742.

Danao became town through Spanish captain Manuel Anecito del Rosario in 1844. Del Rosario was tasked to organize towns in the northern part of Cebu.

He also oversaw the construction of several infrastructure projects including streets and structures for local government.

Danao became a city by virtue of Republic Act No. 3028, otherwise known as “An Act Creating Danao City,” on June 7, 1961. This is the date that Dano City Charter Day celebrates yearly.

Danao City Charter Day Activities

The calendar of charter day celebration spans from June 1 to 7. Activities may iinclude parades, caravan, contests, job fair, and an awards ceremony called Garbo sa Danao (Pride of Danao).

How to reach Danao City, Cebu

Danao City is accessible via provincial buses bound for nothern Cebu.


Danao City Charter Day Summary

NameDanao City Charter Day
CelebrationCharter Day
Contact0961-8095909, (032) 266-5318
DateJune 7
Duration1 week
LocationDanao City, Cebu
OrganizerCity Government of Danao