Sinagingan Festival

Sinagingan festival is an agricultural and religious festival in the village of Palocpoc in Mendez, Cavite, Philippines every 15th of May. It is one of the popular festivals in Southern Tagalog that aims to attract tourism and to motivate farmers to farm the crop and to find develop products out from it. First conducted on May 15, 2003, its name is derived from sinagingan, which means one that is made of or mixed with banana.

It is a celebration in thanksgiving for the abundant harvest of banana. Banana became a prominent crop cultivated by the townsfolk after a slump in coffee. During the merry-making, residents beauty their houses with decors made from different parts of the banana tree. One of its many activities are the parade of farmers proudly showcasing their harvest and street dancing. The village of Palocpoc is largely agricultural with 95% of its total land area dedicated to cultivation of crops such as banana, coconut, coffee, pineapple, jackfruit, and pineapple.

Moreover, it is also a patronal feast of its patron saint, St. Isidore the Laborer who is also locally known as San Isidro Labrador. The saint has been its patron since the 19th century of the village of Palocpoc, whose name comes from pukpukan (one that is beaten). The origin of the name comes from the beating of the fabric made of hemp at the riverbanks that used to snake through the village.

Other festival activities include entertainment, performing arts, musical events, fireworks display, competitions, etc.

How to reach Palocpoc, Mendez, Cavite

From Manila, take a bus bound for Cavite. From the capital of the province, the trip on public transport would be about 50 kilometers to the town of Mendez.


Sinagingan Festival Summary

NameSinagingan Festival
CelebrationAgriculture, Banana, Food
DateMay 15
Duration10 days
EstablishedMay 15, 2003
LocationPalocpoc, Mendez, Cavite
OrganizerBarangay LGU of Palocpoc
PatronSt. Isidore the Laborer
ReligionRoman Catholic