Regada Festival

Regada Festival is an annual water, environmental, and religious festival in the city of Cavite, Philippines. It is held in honor of the feast of St. John the Baptist, locally known as San Juan Bautista, every 24th of June. It is a week-long festival that is popular for street parties where water is thrown at revelers.

History of Regada Festival

The name of the festival comes from the word regar, a word in Spanish that means to water. As a religious observance, it celebrates the fiesta of St. John. According to the New Testament, he was the one who baptized Jesus in the river Jordan. Later, he was martyred at the hands of Herodias who ordered for his head.

Water is a constant feature of the festival as it is a central symbol in the rite of baptism and with which the patron is closely associated.

The first of Regada Festival in Cavite City was held in 1996. Also known as Cavite City Water Festival, one of its venues is the length of P. Burgos Avenue where a tradition occurs, participants get drenched by water splashed at them.

In the Philippines, there are many other places that hold fiesta of St. John the Baptist such as Taong Putik Festival in Bibiclat, Aliaga, Nueva Ecija and Lechon Festival in Balayan, Batangas.

Regada Festival Schedule of Activities

Regada Festival include many activities such as music concerts, entertainment, cultural and variety shows, trade fair, competitions, coastal cleanup, painting contest, arts exhibit, etc. A means to raise awareness on the need for environmental upkeep, it also has clean-up along the coastlines of the city.

Here are some of the highlights.

Basayawan sa Kalye

Basayawan sa Kalye means “wet street dancing”. Taking place on the last day of the festival, it is one of its highlights where street dancing is performed. Participants are students representing different schools interpreting the festival water theme in their colorful attires ready with their yells and moving to the beats of the drum.

Caracol ni San Juan Bautista

Caracol ni San Juan Bautista is the religious parade of the image of St. John. It starts from the fluvial parade of the image and culminates just about noonday in the Paulan sa Kalye. The image joins the street procession and becomes its focal point. Its presence is taken as an outward sign of the patron blessing the festival-goers.

Paulan sa Kalye

Revelers believe that being drenched, a practice called Paulan or Paulan sa kalye (translates to rain), during the festival invites blessings such as good health. It occurs on the feast day. Sprinklers are installed along P. Burgos Avenue that spray water onto the participants. Fire trucks connected to hydrants joined the merry-making by producing water jets, and people bring water guns or train their hoses to the moving parade.

How to reach Cavite

From Manila, take a bus to Cavite. The trip is over 30 kilometers long and takes over an hour depending on traffic situation.


Regada Festival Summary

NameRegada Festival
CelebrationEnvironment, Religion, Water
DateJune 24
Duration1 week
LocationCavite City, Cavite
OrganizerCity Government of Cavite
Other NamesCavite City Water Festival
PatronSt. John the Baptist