Camiguin Founding Anniversary

Camiguin Founding Anniversary, also known as Araw ng Camiguin or Camiguin Day, is observed in the province of Camiguin, Philippines every January 7. It commemorates the day that the island seceded from Misamis Oriental, and its status was changed from sub-province to a full-fledged province in 1968.

The date is a special nonworking holiday in the province by virtue of Republic Act No. 9094, otherwise known as “An Act Declaring the Seventh (7th) Day of January of Every Year as a Special Working Public Holiday for the Province of Camiguin, to be Known as ‘Araw ng Camiguin'”, that was approved by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo on April 8, 2001.

The province also celebrates Lanzones Festival every third week of October and Panaad sa Camiguin every Holy Week.

History of Camiguin

The name of Camiguin came from a tree called kamagong (Diospyros blancoi, also known as mabolo tree). The island was first inhabited by the natives who were kins of the Manobos from Surigao.

Earliest written history of the island revealed that its people were baptized by a Portuguese sailor Francisco de Castro in 1538, along with the folks in Sarangani and Surigao. The expedition of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi also landed in the island in 1565 in search for spice, which they did not find and so they left for Butuan.

The Jesuits founded Guinsilban, the first place in the island that was brought into Spanish control, in 1596, but they later abandoned their mission. Similar fate also took place when the Augustinians attempted to spread Christianity. They discontinued their missionary work due to the opposition by the indigenous population.

It was the Augustinian Recollects who successfully converted the people into Catholic faith. They stayed for hundreds of years and were responsible in the founding several of its towns.

During Hispanic times it belonged to Partido of Catarman, one of the four divisions when Misamis became a province in 1818. Catarman became a place of considerable Spanish presence since it was founded in 1679, but it was destroyed by a volcanic eruption of Mt. Vulcan in 1871. The ruins of the stone church in Barangay Bonbon remained a mute witness to the cataclysm that occurred on that day.

When the Americans occupied the country, the municipality of Mambajao annexed Catarman, Mahinog, and Sagay by virtue of Act No. 951 on October 22, 1903. Camiguin became a sub-province of Misamis Oriental pursuant to Republic Act No. 2021 that was approved on June 22, 1957.

Finally, Camiguin seceded from Misamis Oriental and became a province through Republic Act No. 4669 that was passed on June 18, 1966. The new province was inaugurated in 1968, and this is the date that the province’s founding anniversary remembers every year.

Camiguin Founding Anniversary Activities

The founding anniversary of the province of Camiguin is observed through cultural programs, competition, street parties, tournaments, and beauty pageants, and social services.

How to reach Camiguin

One can book a flight from Cebu to Camiguin Airport. Sea-based travels are also available, and inter-island shipping vessels from Cagayan de Oro dock at Benoni Wharf.


Camiguin Founding Anniversary Summary

NameCamiguin Founding Anniversary
DateJanuary 7
Other NamesAraw ng Camiguin