Golden Harvest Festival

Golden Harvest Festival is the official cultural festival and Charter Day in the city of Valencia, Bukidnon, Philippines held every January 12. The date may also be a special non-working holiday in the city such as in 2001 when Proclamation No. 432 was issued.

History of Valencia City

Datu Sebastian Manangkila was the leader of the first people who lived in Valencia. They put up their habitats along Pulangui River, and in time it was called Panlimbatuhan as it was among the presence of numerous Malibato trees.

Meanwhile, the story of how the town acquired its currrent name began with a school led by Leon Galorport. Mr. Galorport called the school he was teaching the Valencia School after his hometown in Bohol. Eventually, it was the name that the town adopted.

Valencia was formerly one of the villages that formed part of Malaybalay. Calls for independence as a town were sparked by Teodoro Pepito and townspeople. Their proposition to convert the village to a municipality was sent to the legislative council of the province that then passed a resolution endorsing the creation of the town. The fruit of the resolution was that Valencia ceded from Malaybalay and became an independent town through Executive Order No. 360 by President Carlos P. Garcia signed on October 11, 1959.

As a result of the presidential issuance, the new town was comprised of the following component barangays: Bagontaas, Cawayanon, Gunuyoran, Laigan, Lilingayon, Lugayao, Lurogan, Maapag, Mailag, San Isidro, Sugod, Talisayan, Tongatongan, and Valencia. The number of barangays grew over the years as a result of areas that were elevated into barangay units.

Then on December 5, 2000, Republic Act No. 8985 was approved by President Joseph Ejercito Estrada transforming the town of Valencia to a component city of the province of Bukidnon. The law was enacted through favorable results in a plebiscite on January 12, 2001. This is the date that the Golden Harvest Festival remembers as the historic Charter Day of the city of Valencia.

History of Golden Harvest Festival

In 2001, Mayor Jose M. Galario Jr. initiated the Bonggahan sa Valencia. Then in December 18, 2013, the event was called Panlimbatuhan Festival, so called as it was the old name of the city.

Golden Harvest Festival is a month-long event that begins in December 12 and it is held as the city’s “thanksgiving and celebration of the bountiful golden harvest.” Valencia is also known as the city of the golden harvest. Regarded as a second-class city, it is the largest in terms of size, one with the highest population, and the center of commerce in the province of Bukidnon.

Golden Harvest Festival Activities

The fest has in store many events such as Electric Lantern parade, street dancing, dance festival, parade, talent competitions, fireworks display, musical events, concerts, night market, trade fairs, entertainment, events that are organized by various sectors of the city, sports, cultural presentations, and beauty pageant such as Miss Valencia.

How to reach Valencia, Bukidnon

Book a flight to Cagayan de Oro Airport and board a bus, a trip that might take around three to four hours.


Golden Harvest Festival Summary

NameGolden Harvest Festival
CelebrationCulture, Charter Day
Contact(088) 828 2453
DateJanuary 12
Duration1 month
Historical eventCharter Day of the Cityhood of Valencia
LocationValencia, Bukidnon
OrganizerCity Government of Valencia