Culaba Founding Anniversary

Culaba Founding Anniversary is celebrated in the town of Culaba, Biliran, Philippines every October 16.

History of Culaba

The first settlement was located in the northern banks of Amambahag River, but its folks moved to the present site safe from the riverine floods.

Its origins were attributed with the movement of people from the neighboring towns of Barugo, Caibiran, and Carigara. It became a home too to people who moved from the nearby provinces of Cebu and Samar.

When General Ambrocio Mojica traveled to Leyte and assume the position as military political governor in 1899, he visited the island of Biliran as one of the many stops in his travel. It was around this time that Culaba was declared an independent town along with San Clemente (Kawayan), Maripipi, and Esperanza (Cabucgayan).

However, a devastating raid instigated by the Pulahanes in 1902 reduced the town to ruin and wreckage. The Pulahanes were remnants of Filipino revolutionaries led by Colonel Claro Guevara fighting for independence against the Americans.

Guevara and his men were defeated by the American colonizers and captured on February 19, 1902. The revolutionaries eventually surrendered on June 1902.

However, some three to four hundred men from Samar sailed to the island of Samar. One of their first actions was to attack Culaba whose municipal president, Gervacio Abanilla, was appointed by the American colonial government. The attack was carried out as a punitive response to what was perceived to be a town that was pro-American. The extent of destruction was such that Culaba lost its municipality status and was annexed to the neighboring town of Caibiran.

Reconstruction of once thriving land was led by Pacifico Amable and Abanilla. Less than two decades later, its local leaders pushed for its independence but their initiative was met with opposition.

Finally, it became a town again by separating from Caibiran pursuant to Executive Order No. 630, otherwise known as “Creating the Municipality of Culaba in the Province of Leyte”, signed by President Elpidio Quirino on October 16, 1953. This is the basis of the founding anniversary.

The issuance defined the municipality to include Culaba (where the seat of the government was located), Acaban, Bool, Habuhab, and Pinamihagan.

How to reach Culaba, Biliran

One can book a flight to Tacloban Airport and ride a bus to Biliran. Sea-based travels are also available and shipping vessels embark at the port of Naval and other ports in Leyte.


Culaba Founding Anniversary Summary

NameCulaba Founding Anniversary
CelebrationFounding Anniversary
DateOctober 16
LocationCulaba, Biliran
OrganizerMunicipal Government of Culaba