Bataan Foundation Day

Bataan Foundation Day is a founding anniversary celebration in the province of Bataan, Philippines held every January 11, which is a non-working holiday in the province by virtue of Republic Act No. 11138 that was signed into law on November 9, 2018. It can be a one-day or a week-long festivity of food, fun, music, and cultural presentations. Kick-off activities generally begin in the 6th of January.

History of Bataan

Bataan is a province located at the mouth of Manila Bay and is grouped in the Central Luzon region that also comprises Aurora, Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Pampanga, Tarlac, and Zambales.

Its first inhabitants were the Ayta Magbeken, one of the ancestors of the Negritoes who are scattered across the Philippine archipelago. They retreated to the the hinterlands with the migration of people from southern Luzon.

When the colonial era began, the Dominicans were given the mission to preach in Bataan along the Manila Bay and the Augustinian Recollects in its western side. Aside from these religious orders, it is recorded that the Franciscans and the Jesuits had attempted to spread Christianity in the province. Early evangelization efforts however could not be sustained due to the lack of missionaries.

The Dominican friars arrived in 1587 and they founded the church in Abucay, which is also the site of the first ever printing press in the country.

In 1647, the Dutch invaders attacked Luzon and landed in Abucay. The defenders of the town consisting of about six hundred soldiers met them with resistance, but they fell and surrendered to the Dutch who proceeded to massacre its people. Two hundred people perished and about two dozens were kidnapped and brought to foreign lands.

During the time of conquest, Bataan was divided into its northern section that was counted as part of the province of Pampanga and the other southern territories including the islands located in the Manila Bay belonged to the  “corregimiento” of Mariveles.

Later, Governor-General Pedro Manuel Arandia drew the map anew. Towns formerly of Pampanga (Hermosa, Orani, Samal, Abucay, Balanga and Orion) were fused with the towns of the Corregimiento of Mariveles such as Cabcaben, Bagac and Morong. The independent province of Bataan was created on January 11, 1757. This is the date that forms the basis of the founding anniversary celebration of the province.

During the World War II, the province figured in the history of the nation. When Filipino and American soldiers surrended to the Japanese invading forces, they were forced to walk to Tarlac in what was called Bataan Death March.

Batangas Foundation Day began when Republic Act No. 11138 became a law in 2018.

Bataan Foundation Day Schedule of Activities

It is participated by LGUs of the localities of the province which send contingents to parades, street dancing, and other major activities. In 2020, each designed a float that provided a brief account of their names. They also joined the street dancing event where they showcased dance steps from their own local cultural festivals.

Moreover, other activities are slated to highlight Bataan’s history, tradition, and crafts. There are sportsfest, symposium, and a trade fair where people can grab locally produced foodstuff and novelty items.

How to reach Bataan

Bataan can be reached via ferry boats. The fastest route is get a ferry ticket at Esplanade-Seaside Terminal in Pasay City and trip takes you to Orion, Bataan.


Bataan Foundation Day Summary

NameBataan Foundation Day
CelebrationFounding, History
Contact(047) 237 3488
DateJanuary 11
OrganizerProvincial Government of Bataan